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Outsourcing in Canada

Do you want to reduce risks and control the expenses of your bookkeeping process in Canada? Are you looking to run your accounting and tax departments in sync? Do you want to focus on your business priorities instead of routine payroll tasks?

Here is the one-stop-shop, simplest solution- Outsource your accounting needs with Glocal Accounting!

End-to-end Tax and Accounting Services

All Your Financial Needs in One Place

Running a business in Canada means coping with cut-throat competition, dealing with ever-evolving market conditions and complying with complex regulatory changes. It isn't surprising that fast-growing businesses get overwhelmed with work during a busy tax season. The pandemic has added more layers of challenges resulting from the evolving working models and the need to come to terms with changing legislation.

Glocal Accounting offers answers to all these problems and more with its powerful portfolio of accounting outsourcing services. In fact, all financial solutions can be outsourced under one roof - be it payroll, bookkeeping or tax computation. Thanks to Glocal, many Canadian businesses have benefited with increased productivity and profitability. Now, it is your turn.

Don’t get left behind. Lead the number game from the forefront with Glocal Accounting.

How Can We Help You?

  • We figure out the accounting needs of your business and the future scope.
  • We design customized, tailor-made solutions specifically for your business.
  • We set up an exclusive accounting team to assist in all your accounting operations.
  • We abide by all legal professional standards and offer the best ideas to expand your business.

Enabling Canadian Enterprises
Empower Their Financial Strength


Bookkeeping for Canadian Businesses
Our specialized bookkeeping services will save time and eliminate extra costs. We offer smart bookkeeping solutions to figure out your current year's finances and also provide recommendations to improve your business.


Account Management for Canadian Businesses
With the latest accounting software and technologies, our experts will help you manage your cash flow properly and create value for your business.


Tax Processes for Canadian Businesses
We can help you with the tedious tax processing, taking care of all tax legalities and income tax obligations.


Payroll Processing for Canadian Businesses
We will manage superannuation calculations, leave and entitlement procedures, timecards and paychecks with our flexible payroll services.

"We bring decades of expertise and experience in Canada Accounting Standards and Payroll. Glocal Accounting prides a proven track record of success"

Why Choose Us?

We follow the ‘3C’ success formula to help Canadian firms enhance efficiency and profitability.

We employ the best technology to improve your accounting functions. Our team has highly qualified accountants, CPAs, bookkeepers, tax professionals, and support staff to offer due diligence financial solutions in Canada.

We continuously invest in upgrading our technology as per the Canadian market conditions and share the best practices to help you achieve your budgetary goals.

We offer confidentiality of the highest order. Your sensitive financial data and information are safe and secure with us.

There’ll Be No Flaws

We’re Adept in Canadian Laws!

The Canada Business Corporations Act and regulatory statutes have set some benchmarks for financial and accounting operations for businesses. Accepted accounting practices and procedures are based on the GAAP or Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

For private enterprises in Canada, the ASPE or Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises is mandatory. All reporting must be as per these specified standards. Also, for financial statement preparation, legal contracts are a must.

Glocal Accounting helps your business with all these legal procedures. Leave your business's accounting operations, tax processing, and other financial activities to our experienced and expert team.

Canadian Company’s Count on Glocal Accounting to Count and Account.

It is your turn.

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